Deda Trentacinque 35 Stem




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The Trentacinque 35 OEM Stem from Deda has been designed for road riding and has a bigger centre clamping diameter which makes it possible to achieve a higher level of stiffness for the stem and handlebar. The OEM model comes with Steel screws instead of Titanium screws and it has been optimised to be run with the Deda M35 stem, creating a new benchmark for the market. This bigger diameter also allows a lower dissipation of riders energy, which is the main goal pursued by the best riders in the world. The Stem is made from 3D forged 2014 alloy with a 82 degree angle, 1 1/8'' fork steerer clamp and a 35mm clamping diameter. It comes with length options of 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm or 140mm and is available in Black or Polish-on-Black.