Fizik Antares R3 Saddle



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The Fizik Antares R3 Versus Evo is a leading performance road saddle for riders who want a medium saddle profile and a pressure relief channel. With full-channel comfort and advanced technology, materials and craft - the Antares R3 Versus Evo is light, flexible and agile. It's designed for pros, with pros and raced by pros.Part of Fizik's Spine Concept range, designed to help you to find the ideal saddle to suit your body type & riding style Full-length relief channel reduces pressure and promotes blood flowComfort Core foam layer with durable Microtex cover is soft yet supportiveFlexible wings add comfort to the thighsThe Antares is a neutral profile saddle with support and flexibility, so you can move to find your power spot and maintain comfort. As part of Fizik's Spine Concept saddles this is made for Chameleon riders with medium body flexibility and low pelvic rotation while pedalling. The regular model is 275 x 142mm and weighs 215g, while the large model is 275 x 152mm and weighs 220g.The Antares R3 Versus Evo features a composite carbon-reinforced nylon shell - with Wing Flex technology which enables flexibility where your thighs meet the saddle - and a light, strong, corrosion-resistant K:ium rail. A Comfort Core foam layer beneath the neat, durable Microtex cover provides comfort, which is enhanced by the full-length comfort channel that reduces pressure on the rider's sensitive soft tissue and ensures that all weight is correctly supported across the whole surface of the saddle.